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A Genuine Face behind the screen…


Lodi Biz Buzz was created for one purpose in mind- LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS!

My name is Jessica Montgomery, creator of Lodi Biz Buzz and owner of a local small business. I was born and raised in Lodi until I moved to Sonoma Valley 25 years ago.  I now reside again in my home town with my best-friend who is my Husband along with our four children and two whisker babies.

Initially, I started this venture as a group page on Facebook because I wanted to have a niche strictly dedicated to the livelihood of local small businesses like mine.  I knew there was a whole town (and surrounding areas) of everyday people, just like you and I, that could benefit from services like yours and mine. The group page has started strong and the response that I have received from our community has been overwhelming positive! This lead me to the realization that Lodi Biz Buzz shouldn’t stop at being a group page on Facebook.

The prospects for growing our small business community through social media are boundless… In the age of social media marketing, it’s crucial to have an online presence but it’s essential to preserve the human quality of our business behind a digital world; a genuine face behind the screen.  Our customers, clients and weekend visitors are everyday people with everyday lives (like us) who benefit from our small businesses. Often our face, our smile, our personality becomes drowned behind the sea of monitors and mobile devices but it’s time to redefine Lodi’s social media marketing culture by spotlighting the “Us”, the  “Why”, the “How” – Our Story.

-Jessica, owner/creator Lodi Biz Buzz

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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