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Hopefully by now you have all had a chance to look over my opening blog, “A Genuine Face Behind the Screen” on If not, I would encourage you to check it out and get a sense of what LBB is all about! I am super excited to begin growing this community through multiple social media platforms and most excited about getting to know each and every one of you personally and what your small business is all about.

Speaking of personal, I want to capture the essence of what the LBB blog is by being the first to peel back a layer of my onion and give you a little more insight into who Jessica Montgomery is and how I ended up where I am today.

I am a born and raised Lodi girl, est. ’76 (was that really 42 years ago?). Up until ’79 it was all about me, then along came my baby sister (I love her so much). My Mom, for the better part of our early childhood, was a stay-at-home who cared for us most hours of the night because my Father was a long-distance truck hauler for Guild Winery (Cooks champagne distributor in the 80’s). Growing up on Holly Drive, just off of Mills Avenue (the shorter version) my ears will never forget the deafening horn coming from the General Mills train hustling down the tracks carrying loads of magical deliciousness (marshmallow sweetness wafting through the mid-summer air) and the primo views off our rooftop watching Lodi’s most distinguished firework display at the Lake (This is still my favorite holiday)!

At 17, I moved away (and yes, it had everything to do with a boy- doesn’t it always!) and here’s the why: September of ’92 I had finally won over the boy of my dreams, the one I had a crush on since 8th grade! I was head over heels and 10 months later he broke up with me and broke my heart. So I ran like Forrest- far, far away, Northwest to Sonoma Valley where I spent the majority of my early adulthood. Fast-forward the mixed-taped 25 years and it looks a little something like this:

I am a mom to my amazing 12-year old son, Jacob; I reside, once again, in my hometown of Lodi and it still has everything to do with a boy (that same boy from ’92)! He is now my best friend and my Husband and I could NOT imagine my life without him in it!!  Our infield consist of three sons and one daughter (blending a family is not seamless but we have some solid times together). I can’t wait to travel through time with this family and watch us grow through out the years.

Phew, I don’t think I have ever written an About Me bio. I hope you have a sense of who I am and why I am here. I am so blessed to be back in Lodi reunited with my family, my O.Gs and a loyal community that still stands strong together! I am passionate about embracing pride in where I call home and contributing to the better cause of it all!

Thank you for checking out my page!


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