Spring buzz, like music to our ears!

Thank you again, everyone, for being a part of our very first LBB Livecast!

Lodi Biz Buzz is rapidly gaining momentum as a social media storm and that’s a good thing for California! Speaking of weather and losing an hour of sleep and such- Spring is here!  We all know that March may come in like a lion but doesn’t always leave like a lamb. Regardless, it’s time to gear up for Farmers markets, Winos visiting from near or far and couples getting hitched. Whether you’re anticipating the release of your latest vintage; booking walk-on-water resies for eager SUPs; or pouring your residential brew along sidewalks of our prided School Street drag, you name it, we’re ready to meet these needs!

By now it’s no secret I have been in search of a “Mulder for Scully”, a “Rachel for Monica”, a “Pedro for Napoleon”.  That’s right, I’m on the lookout for guest co-hosts to explore Lodi’s little treasures with me on LBB Live (compliments to Facebook Live). Some of you sprung at the opportunity (in true entrepreneurial spirit) to venture live with me and I couldn’t be more excited! When the time comes and I find my “ride or die” we’ll staple a fixed date and time to the wall for LBB Live! For now our live-cast day and time is on a TBA status. Now, as luck would have it, it just so happens that my co-host this week is not only a yoga-mom of five (with too much time on her hands- not!) but a fellow cat-lover like me!! It’s match made in Whisker Heaven! I would like to “paws” right now and introduce my first co-host, Emily Fulton.

is (what I refer to as) a “Lodi Girl-Boss” who operates Lodi Kiddy Keys, an affiliate of B Sharp School of Music, a co-op that her Husband, Paul is also connected to. Emily evokes the language of music in preschool-age boys and girls by nurturing the love for music and encouraging confidence in the ability to play a musical instrument. She believes that an early influence of child-friendly music will not only initiates an ever-long desire for music in later years but will instill the value music brings people, “Music brings people together, if forms connections and can bring back memories. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this process!” Doesn’t she sound like an amazing person- just wait until you meet her Live!

Emily and I will be sitting down this week to talk about the high-fives and moments of vulnerability as a small business owner. She will share her tips on how to manage a (key word here) healthy work ≡ life balance. We look forward to going live with all of you this Thursday, March 22nd @ 7:30. (Hey, we get it, life is busy sometimes, so catch the re-run on Lodi Biz Buzz group page!). 



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