A Birth and A ReBirth

As we welcome Spring time, there is a sense of liveliness in the air: vines blistered with the promise of Lodi’s next generation of a harvest season, Robin eggs giving new way to little peeps that can be heard from high above, our Sun lingering just a tad bit longer in a cyan sky blanketed with billowy cotton folds and the birth of a new partnership! That’s right, LBB Live has an official co-host! You all had the pleasure of meeting the outstanding Yoga-Mom of 5 and Operator of Lodi Kiddy Keys, as my guest co-host on last Thursday’s LBB Live! She knocked it out of the park and our Go Live chemistry is undeniable! LBB Live is proud to officially name Emily Fulton as my  Co-Host-, my “Ride or Die”, my Rachel, my Pedro, my Mulder!

LBB Live has been trekking quickly to start bringing you all that it has to offer! Hopefully most of you have followed an LBB Live cast as well as read our blogs published on Facebook group page and lodibizbuzz.org. Both of these platforms are excellent ways to influence your existing followers and attract new ones but we at LBB Live felt there is one more social media platform we HAVE to bring to you- LBB Live PODCAST!! Yes, LBB Live Podcasts will feature more local guests that have a story to share- these topics will not only pertaining to small business but local issues and awarenesses.  Podcasting sources audio broadcasting over our trusty “www”. Do you feel like you’re not the “On-Camera” type but know how crucial social media influencing is for your business? Then this is your calling!

Richard Hyman Head Chef/Owner of Fenix

When it comes to finding your calling, our guest for this Thursday’s LBB Live, Richard Hyman, knows a little something about that. Richard is the Owner/Head Chef of Fenix, a restaurant that features New American cuisine and boasts an artistic flavor of decor through out its tasteful dining amenities. “Why Fenix?”, you may ask.  Let’s take you on this Fenix’s journey and the many rebirths to get to where he is today!

Richard was born in Brooklyn, New York but spent most of his early years in SoCal, Los Angeles to be exact. He calls himself a “Valley Boy”. Growing up under the blanket of a Russian/Italian/Jewish family, Richard recalls how his Mother’s cooking would leave him with a lot to be desired, “My mother was a TERRIBLE cook but my father and grandmother were great!” He admired his Grandmother and took to heart her encouragement to start cooking when he was young. It was a “fancy” dinner out (Escargot and Bananas Foster) with his Mother for his 13th birthday that ascended Richard’s passion for the culinary arts. The birth of a Fenix.

As the myth has it, a Fenix (most familiarly spelled phoenix),  is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates itself or is otherwise born again. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. And as life has it, he has done exactly that! From times of financial hardship to a life-threatening fire in 2014 that severely burned his body, Richard (like that of a Fenix) arises from life’s ashes and regenerates himself.

When asked where he sees himself three years from now Richard says, “I’ll either be on an island, somewhere, drinking cocktails out of coconut shells… or in the kitchen- still juggling pots and pans.” Whether on an island or juggling pots and pans, one thing is for sure, nothing can keep this Fenix from rising above!

March 27, 2018 Chef Richard Hyman, Fenix Restaurant


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