Dynamic Duo

Gearing up for this week’s LBB Live, we are focusing on something that I myself have truly come to believe- two really is better than one! Emily, my co-host, and I have been finding our groove as business partners all the while keeping momentum with the rapid growth of Lodi Biz Buzz. One of our strengths is bouncing ideas back and forth off each other but keeping the other “in her lane”. This is creating a very delicate but solid balance.

Come to think of it, in most aspects of life there is some type of partnership between everything: Toothbrush- toothpaste; Socks- shoes; Spaghetti- Meatballs! Everywhere you look you will find partnerships that are either just forming or have been around since time known to man. As we prepare for our LBB Live Guests this Thursday, Emily and I reflect on the blessings of meant-to-be business partnerships and couldn’t be more excited to host two fabulous ladies who know a thing or two about that! This “Dynamic Duo” is exactly what any business partnership would aspire to be like. Tina Brodston and Stephanie Mireles-Valdez are Real Estate agents  with Grupe Real Estate (aka “The Girls”) and what a dynamic these girls have together!

T & S GHC PhotoTina is married and has a beautiful daughter in middle school. She was inspired as a little girl by watching her Grandfather Slate buy and sell homes. Ultimately a book gifted to her from him called, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, spearheaded her right into a Real Estate career.  Stephanie is married as well and has three daughters who range from adult to elementary school age. After taking her first job out of college in the accounting department of a local new home builder, she could see a vision of herself taking part in the different communities and having the opportunity to hear others life stories just like the Real Estate agents in her office. And that vision became just that!

Both growing up in Lodi from early childhood, The Girls for sure know their way around Lodi Real Estate as they have both been in this town for over a few decades and have known each other for almost half of that time- 16 years to be exact. With over 33 years of combined Real Estate experience these ladies know how to ride the rollercoaster together! They have each overcome not only the ups and downs of business but personal as well.  Their ability to foster a concrete support system for one another has become invaluable, “Knowing you can disconnect from work and attend to your family because you have a partner that you can depend on is priceless” Stephanie says.  

Tina and Stephanie met in the most unexpected way- two Real Estate agents, both  strangers to each other, sharing a hotel room at the 2002 Annual Grupe Sales team conference in Vegas! Can you picture how awkward that must have been? Not for these two, Tina recalls, “After 10 minutes of getting to know each other we were inseparable.” Thank goodness this connection didn’t stay in Vegas! Together this Dynamic Duo has been able to: give back by participating in Fresh Start- a program that grants home-ownership to those who lost their homes in the market crash; work personally alongside Fritz and Phyllis Grupe (in a serene setting void of the city’s hustle and bustle) absorbing creativity and a continuous vision for developing communities that families desire to call home; and on a more personal level, overcome very tragic, life-altering events due to heart failure on both sides of their families. They have mastered the dips, climbs and turns of their ride by having the same work ethic, family values and desire to succeed. 

By 2020, The Girls plan to have sold out of the 57 homes at The Vine and the 42 homes at Harvest Crossings (opening April 21, 2018). Their goal is to double the amount of resale business and create lifelong relationships with their clients.  “Ultimately, we aspire to become the go-to agents of Lodi.”

April 3, 2018 -Tina Brodston and Stephanie Mireles-Valdez, Grupe Real Estate 




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