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Hope In It

Unbelievable, last week’s LBB Live featuring Tina Brodston and Stephanie Valdez of Grupe Real Estate has had almost 2000 views in 3 days! This is 100 times more than the very first LBB Live- 4 weeks ago!  The Dynamic Duo couldn’t be more thrilled and are well on their way to delivering more Live streams going forward!  As for LBB Live, we are gearing up for this week’s 5th episode and shifting gears by bringing you a sector of small business that is more about giving back than making profit.  More specifically, we will be sitting down with Laurie Coffman, Founder and President of The Hope Initiative; a small non-profit organization that is battling sex trafficking through awareness and rescue in San Joaquin County and the Central Valley.  So far LBB Live has casts very fun, light-hearted tones of our production and while there is definitely plenty more of this to come, we also want to focus on areas of business that call us to action and leave our followers with a sense of knowledge and empowerment. This Thursday night will be one of these nights.

Laurie Coffman The Hope Initiative

You may wonder how Laurie became involved. The vision came to her through a dream she had one night and she never understood what relevance it had until two years ago. The dream went like this: She and Lance were lined up to enter a stadium with adults and youth from their church (for some unknown reason) dressed under cover (still not sure why). Upon entering the arena they “saw tons of young people hurting and afraid and were able to get them out because we blended in so well,” Laurie quotes. Knowing how dreams can be- you remember snippets but not always put a reason of how or why it’s relevant. This is what Laurie wondered for 15 years until she heard that the Super Bowl is the number one place to traffic Humans and BOOM, it clicked for her! She realized the stadium in her dream from 15 years ago was her calling to something bigger than just a dream. The more she researched this epiphany she realized that this was a topic that not too many want to talk about or feel that it’s in their backyard. But guess what, it is! And she is on a mission to rescue, educate and empower not only victims of sex trafficking but everyday people like you and I. The intricacy of this underground operation is far beyond what most might imagine and Laurie is stepping up and doing something about it. Next year, Laurie and her team are headed to “that stadium” to live out her dream and spread awareness to all the patrons at the 2019 Super Bowl. One could not be more humbled by what she is accomplishing and the Hope she has In It!

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