An Enhanced Audio Tour of our Local Small Businesses

Most of us are usually glued to our phone screens scrolling for anything that has a moving pixel but in the car we find ourselves using our phones for other purposes: Waze, FaceTime, phone calls or maybe that favorite playlist you scored a while back but there is another way to appease our auditory senses- PODCASTS!!! Yes, podcast! If you drive long distances or sit in an all too quiet office why not take advantage of the multitude of underground information available on Podcasts. You can only hear the same song on the radio over and over until you’re just over it, right?! So in line with all of the movement we are seeing in social media trends this couldn’t be a better time to introduce the LBB Podcast Live!

Typically one would say that words could not express the excitement (I have to begin podcasting) but in this case excitement is ALL about words on this week’s LBB Live! We will still be Live on our Facebook page but we will also simultaneously be recording the Live show as our first LBB Podcast Live. Now, however, as adventurous as I have been about going Live, I certainly know not to dive into podcasting waters without some podcast-floaties or in other words reaching out for the assistance of two local, experienced podcasters (cue the angelic music… guiding lights from above…  the podcast gods enter stage right). I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Nicole Wilson Friend and Anthony Esteves as my guest podcasters this Thursday night at 7:30 pm.

31250498_10154720078818078_8282115024630054912_n.jpgNicole is a lifetime local to the area who has her hands in a lot of pots and one happens to be her “day job” career as a Speech Therapy Assistant for Special Education elementary students. She is also a huge fan of all things geeky. You can usually find her at a Comic/fandom Convention on any given weekend and she has collected quite a stash of self-made costumes for her cosplays that she proudly states have been made with materials mostly from local stores and merchants (she is a true patron of supporting local)! Because of her love of all things geeky she was naturally drawn to co-hosting a podcast called The FMoD Pod which features everything you ever need to know about the Geeky fandom world. Even more natural was how quickly she geeked out with Anthony Esteves, my other guest podcaster who also happens to host, you guessed it, a Comic podcast too.

unnamed-1Anthony is currently boasting a Tony Stark goatee in honor of the new Avengers: Infinity War movie being released this later week. He mentioned it was an essential for hosting his podcast called The Capeless Crusaders next Monday because he and his co- hosts will be reviewing this weekend’s blockbuster. Along with podcasting, Anthony has many other talents that include voice-over, acting and screenwriting and I am estatatic to have both him and Nicole teaming up with me for our first podcast! This is just the beginning of some very awesome Podcast to come your way! Everyone please show your support for us by joining us on our LBB Live Facebook page this Thursday at 7:30 pm as we Go Live and Record!



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